Alto Blacktown Service

Honda Australia have made the decision to restructure their dealer network nationally and in doing so have reduced the number of sales and service outlets available. Due to this restructure there will no longer be an authorised Honda service centre in the Blacktown area.

Over the past 15 years that Honda has been trading in this area we have developed many relationships with customers and the greater western Sydney region communities. Given these valuable relationships the Alto Group has made the decision to remain open at Blacktown as an all makes specialist service centre.

In trading as a specialist service centre we will provide:

  • Drop off and pick up service
  • Complimentary loan vehicles
  • Complimentary car wash
  • Reduced pricing structure

In addition to this we have been able to retain our highly trained technicians thus enabling us to continue to maintain your vehicle at the highest of standards.

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Q: Is Alto Blacktown closing?

A: No Alto Blacktown will always be here to service and maintain any vehicle.

Q: Will servicing at Alto affect my factory warranty?

A: NO, Alto Blacktown will adhere to all factory requirements of servicing and will not void any manufacturing warranty. You DO NOT need to service at a franchised dealer to keep your warranty.

Q: Do I need to rush my service in before June 30th?

A: NO, Please keep your vehicle service schedule correct and in time with our last service records as we will be here operating as usual when your next service is due.

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