Alto Apprenticeship Program

The Alto Group has been serving the people of Sydney since 1956. We are one of Australia’s largest privately owned, family operated retail businesses in Australia.

We are made up of 16 franchise dealerships and we are partnered with the biggest and best Automotive manufacturers in the world including Audi, Toyota, Land Rover and Volkswagen - just to name a few. We deliver over 12,000 cars to our customers each year and we service more than 65,000 through our workshops. Recently we were presented with Deloitte Australia’s Best Managed Company Award, which we also received the year before. With recognition from the best in the industry we know we are doing something right!

We’re looking for the our future leaders and are seeking the best and brightest to join our growing family. Our apprenticeship program will give you and your career the best start. Why Alto Apprenticeships?

  • Hands-On Learning: We will provide practical, hands-on experience that is essential in the mechanical field. You'll work directly with automotive equipment, tools and diagnostic equipment, allowing you to develop valuable skills and knowledge through real-world application.
  • Job Security: Mechanical skills are in high demand in the automotive industry. By becoming a skilled mechanic through an Alto apprenticeship, you increase your job security as these skills are always needed.
  • Earn While You Learn: Unlike traditional education programs that may require you to pay tuition, apprenticeships often provide a steady income while you gain experience and skills. This can help you avoid accumulating student debt.
  • Career Advancement: Automotive apprenticeships can be a stepping stone to more advanced positions within the industry. With experience and further education, you can become a specialist, supervisor, or even a senior business manager.
  • Personal Growth: Beyond the technical skills, apprenticeships promote personal growth and responsibility. You'll learn to manage your time, work as part of a team, and take pride in your workmanship.

Talk to us today and let us help you become a future leader. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss the opportunities available to you.

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